Between 2009 and 2011, many changes took place in the Calgary Region. Major annexations had taken place, population growth continued to rise, the Provincial policy context was shifting, and membership in the Partnership had changed. The Region contracted Kelly to work with the 14 member municipalities to update the Calgary Metropolitan Plan (CMP). The revised policy framework, strategies, and policies were adopted unanimously by the Board in 2012.

In 2013, the Province mandated representatives of the Calgary Regional Partnership (CRP) and non-member municipalities to participate in mediation with the goal to achieve consensus on outstanding issues. Kelly was commissioned to coordinate and co-write the mediation report with municipal staff representatives. Upon completion of the mediation report to the Province, the CRP once again contracted Kelly to update the CMP to align with the outcomes of the mediation report.

The updated Plan was adopted by the CRP Board in May 2014 and submitted to the Province for consideration as legislation under the South Saskatchewan Regional Plan.

Kelly was then contracted to coordinate the Provincial task force on CMP legislation. Representatives from CRP, the City of Calgary, the Ministries of Municipal Affairs, Environment and Sustainable Resource, and the Land Use Secretariat worked together to develop legislation options for the CMP.