(February 2014 – November 2014)

The Calgary Regional Partnership is a voluntary organization of municipalities that has come together to plan for long term regional growth.  But how does a voluntary organization achieve meaningful implementation of the regional growth plan if it has no legislation?  That was the task Kelly was responsible for as the planning and infrastructure lead with CRP. To bridge between voluntary action towards voluntarily binding, regional context statements evolved.  Based on the work done in British Columbia’s regions, Kelly developed a template and process guide for consideration by the CRP members and Board. 

The process was presented and adopted in November 2014.  The CRP members are now all developing regional context statements to include in their Municipal Development Plans.  The statements are a declaration of how the municipality is unique in the region and aligning with the Calgary Metropolitan Plan.  This mechanism creates a voluntarily binding commitment for municipal members to work towards implementation of a sustainable, long term plan for growth in the Region.