The Calgary Region recognized long ago that water is a precious and limited resource. The Provincial moratorium on new water licenses in the Bow Watershed confirmed for the Region’s stakeholders how essential it was to work together and take action on water-related issues and strategies. From 2006 to 2011, the Calgary Regional Partnership (CRP) commissioned three separate technical studies to analyze the water and wastewater infrastructure needs in the Calgary Region.

In 2013 Kelly was contracted to work with the Region’s water and wastewater technical staff group to navigate the approvals process for this important regional strategy. Representatives from several municipalities (including Calgary) and Provincial staff provided input and feedback on the 2013/14 update to the Strategy. ¬†Once the final document was agreed upon at the administrative level, Kelly presented the strategy at local Municipal Council meetings, the CRP Executive Committee, and finally, the CRP’s Regional Board of Directors. The Region’s inaugural Water and Wastewater Master Plan was adopted by the Board in May 2014.